Control & Automation System
Design, Engineering & Implementation of Automation solution for Manufacturing & Process Industries.
Control System for Process control utilities.
State-of –the –art Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) systems.
PLC System for Big, Moderate and small installation.
PLC / controller suiting to all types of Application like Power plants, steel plants, Sponge Iron Plants, water treatment plants.
Various PLC’s / controller’s for I/O’s ranging in 10000, 2048, 1048, 256 & 10
Hot Backup Redundancy (HBR) PLC systems.
MICRO & NANO PLC’s for small Application.
I/O’s cater to all types : Digital, Analog, RTD, High Speed Counter etc.
Flexible Communications: Fieldbus, pofibus, Genius, Ethernet, MODBUS, MODBUS TCP/IP, serial Communication Add-ons, IEC 61850, DNP 3.0, Gateway for OPC etc.
PLC panels, Instrumentation panels, Electrical control panels, PDBs, Control Desks, Junction Boxes & Local PB Stations, Mimic panels, Other custom-built panels.
Intelligent Automation Platforms which are simple to use. Returns Productivity Enhancement, Data Management & superior control. Logic & HMI Development for PLC & DCS.
Data Concentrators for SCADA, Energy Meters, MFM’s, Metering
Multi –tier Control system with data security.
Inter-exchange of data with various other OEM PLC’s .
Hardware & software Protocol Converter for various Industrial Protocols  Modbus RS 232 to RS485,   Modbus serial to Ethernet,   Industrial Ethernet to Optical,   Modbus to OPC