Communication & Networking
Telemetry, Wireless Routers, Wireless data management & data integration, IPBAX/EPBAX, CCTV security solution, LED Message Display system.
OPC Data Networking
Control & automation solution for Rolling Mill.
Remote Alarm Management System: Alarm Management and Analytics, Notification, and Remote Monitoring for OPC/SCADA, PI, SQL (OLEDB/ODBC), and Windows Performance. IT allows you to easily monitor, alarm, and send notification (Email, SMS, TAP, Text-to-speech, Voice, ...) for process data measurements read from one or more OPC DA Servers. OPC is an open connectivity standard available for most PLCs,SCADA Systems, Control Systems, and Historians.
Wide Area Data Monitoring
Communication Solution design, implementation IPBAX/EPBAX, CCTV security solution
Multi-tier Network design for data integration
Wireless Routers, Wireless data management & data integration