Hassled in maintaining many SCADA systems. Move over to common revolutionary SCADA Platform.
Plug into the Power of the first smart client SCADA Solution! OPC Systems.NET
Share data with OPC servers, OPC clients, .NET applications, SQL server, Oracle, and mySQL using your LAN, WAN and the internet.
Create HMI application using Visual Studio or Expression Blend with No programming required for Winform, Web and WPF solutions.
OPCSystems.NET implements extremely fast and efficient networking communications supporting your LAN, WAN, VPN, and Internet to transport your data over TCP without DCOM. Proven solution since 2004 that is easy to implement without the need to install web services.
OPCSystems.NET not only moves OPC data without DCOM, but all real-time data, historical data, and configurations can be remote accessed with free security built in. Transport your own custom data from any .NET application with one simple method.
OPCSystems.NET Remote Connectivity
Fast and efficient compressed Binary TCP using .NET Framework. (No slow XML transfer or XML conversion implemented)
Simple Windows Service with 100% managed clients.
No web services to install.
Built in security for configuration and data access.
Support for Internet, WAN, and LAN.
  All 15 product features of OPCSystems.NET support remote connections.
  Remote configuration for manual and programmatic setup.
  Remote programmatic data access over the Internet.
  Service to Service communications.
  100 nanosecond resolution with queuing.
  Data buffering with no data loss on network failure.
  Yields 100% managed .NET components supporting Smart Clients.

Move data securely and efficiently through your network

Connect to the following sources.
DA 2.0 and 3.0 OPC Servers
DA 2.0 and 3.0 OPC Clients
Databases like SQL Server, Oracle, Access, and mySQL
Microsoft Excel
.NET applications (Windows Services, Web Services, WCF, WinForm, WPF, and web applications)

Central OPC Server Communications

It does not matter how many client applications you connect to OPCSystems.NET, the communications to the OPC Servers will be the same when using 1 or 100 clients. This helps the OPC Servers by sharing common points between multiple client applications. The OPC Server will only have to obtain the data once from each device and OPCSystems.NET can then distribute the data for all clients using HMI, alarming, trending, data logging, recipe confirmation, data routing, programmatic interface, Microsoft Excel, and third party OPC Clients.

Unlimited Clients

The licensing for OPCSystems.NET is Service based provided unlimited local and remote client connections. You do not have to budget for the number of users for each system when you use OPCSystems.NET.

Smart Client Deployment

All .NET components are 100% managed providing support for Click Once deployment. Smart Clients are easier to development and provide a better user experience than thin clients, while making it easy to deploy applications and keep them up to date with the latest version.

Data Buffering and Data Accuracy

All data is queued in a first in first out order in the service and time stamped from the originating OPC Server or .NET application source. The data logging resolution is 100 nanoseconds. All data is processed locally to be distributed to all clients with the same common cache of real-time, trend, and alarm data. All data is buffered so there is no data loss on database engine failures or network connection loss.

Easy Deployment

The core communications for OPCSystems.NET is implemented as Windows Services so you do not have to mess with IIS or web services. Simply install the product and everything is handled for you.

OPC Server:

OPC connectivity & Interface with any SCADA/HMI, DCS, OPC or DDE server, Data Integration  across all Platforms  and sends alarms via SMS, or a voice message.