Steel Plant & utility
Distributed & customized Control system for Furnace, DRI, Milling Plant, Coke Oven, Alumina Refinery, Raw Material Handling, and Component tracking system with Tracker.
Process control solution for reheating furnaces
Control & automation solution for Rolling Mill.
Raw Material Handling. Autodespatch - Real Time Productivity & Utilisation Monitoring system for Heavy Earth Moving Machines in Open Cast Mines.
Advanced Process Controls for Blast Furnaces, Continuous Monitoring System For Gas Flow and Surface of Charged Material inside Blast Furnaces
Process Control Solution for Desulphurisation Plant, Casting Online Diagnostics System, Slag Monitoring & Detection System
Heat Loss Monitor - This model computes the segment-wise heat-losses from the furnace wall (hearth, tuyeres, bosh, belly, shaft, throat etc.) using the cooling circuit water flow, inlet and outlet temperature of the water flows. It determines the fuel equivalence of the heat losses through wall. It is used to control the fuel rate during the shutdown time.
Mathematical model based heating control, Charging and pushing scheduling, RF communication based inter-machine communication, Inter-machine interlocks to ensure correct and safe operation, Automatic oven machines positioning, Oven maintenance module for generating maintenance schedule, Oven condition monitoring, User friendly interfaces.
Fuel saving by optimizing heat input cycle.
Improved and consistent coke quality.
Increased battery life.
Reduced oven carbon.
Increased safety by auto positioning of equipment and cross battery interlocks