Today’s biggest energy challenge is delivering electricity to the end users with the lowest losses possible while maintaining a high quality level. For older networks, equipment and transmission losses can be very high and network managers need quick return-on-investment solutions to improve quality and increase capacity.

Custom design for Power Transmission systems. Data Concentrators, a host of utility communication standards & protocols  like IEC 61850, BCU, MFM, Metering, DLMS, ICCP, EMS, DMS and CIM among many to optimize data availability.

Power electronics-based equipment, provides proven, dynamic and cost-effective solutions to address these new operating challenges.
Transmission solutions are widely recognised by network suppliers and industrial energy managers. Grid operators can gain accurate control of reactive network power, maximise power flow along existing lines and improve steady-state and dynamic stability with the system.
Technologies provide the customer with a flexible solution that has minimal infrastructure investment, low environmental impact and rapid implementation time. 
Evaluation to installation
Feasibility studies
Turnkey systems
Studies and project management
Full digital control based on high performance controller
Installation, commissioning and testing
Training and maintenance.
Simulators and Optimisation
LDC/Control Center Solution
ABT Based Power System Dispatch Operation
Real Time Transient Stability Systems
Disturbance Recording & Remote accessibility system
Data Historian
Grid Metering
IEC 61850 based substation Automation:IEC 61850 is one of the most widely accepted International Standard for Power System Communication, that is adopted in Substation, Hydro Power Plant, Wind Energy Networks and Distributed Energy Resources, because of its seamless interoperability characteristics. IEC 61850 solutions and services including IEC 61850 Consulting and Training.
Distribution Metering
Smart Grid
Solar PV Plant SCADA & Remote Monitoring
Load shedding & Power Management

SYNC Products Suit that provide field-to-enterprise communication for the Energy Sector, based on open standards and standards based solutions. SYNC enables seamless and secure communication aiding interoperability in Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution. SYNC products have been widely used across the globe in Substation Automation, Distribution Automation & Remote Monitoring, Consumer & Grid Metering and Smart Grid solutions for nearly a decade and are positioned to facilitate the Smart Grid of the future. 

ELTRIX is a software that helps to optimize power generation, transmission and distribution by reducing the operational costs and maximizing gains. The modules include: . Power Plant Performance Monitoring . Availability Based Tariff . Dispatch Operations of Power Systems . Merit Order Rating Models