Water Treatment

Dedicated Engineered Control System solution for Water Utility system, DM Plant, RO & UF Plants, Water Intake Pump Station, Waste water treatment plant.

Automation Solution for Water Intake Pump House, Telemetry Controlled network with Control Room and water Distribution Network.
Control & Automation System for DM Plant : Demineralization Plant consisting of Activated carbon filter, Degasser blower, Mixed bed, DM storage tank, effluent treatment plant with monitoring of  conductivity, PH, Sodium & silica.
Automation system for Reverse Osmosis Plant (RO), CPU, Regeneration system, waste water treatment plant.
As water resources become more challenging and environmental regulations become more stringent, treating water and wastewater is becoming increasingly more technically complex. Our  hardware and software solutions can dramatically boost the operational efficiency of even the most complex water or wastewater plant.
Efficient all in one solutions for Drinking water, Desalination, irrigation, waster water management.
Whether your facility is public or private, our information-based water solutions can help you create an intelligent water or wastewater facility that will help you make informed decisions based on connected data sources to reduce loss, anticipate demand, and increase reliability and security.
Portable water treatment plant.
Pre Treatment Plant, Ultra Filtration Plant