We work like this
Do you want to work for a successful and growing organization that puts customers first? Then Sorrel is the right place for you. We make decisions quickly, and value the input from our employees. We are focused on the future, on growing our organization and making the industries competitive by cost reduction and process optimization through innovative automation solution.
At Sorrel we promote a work hard, play hard attitude. At the heart of our culture is an “open door" policy, where we encourage our people to express and exchange their ideas with all employees at all levels of the organization - including the senior management team. Through a fostered trust in one another’s skills and abilities, our employees work together to reach company goals and objectives.
Business and Company Values
Sorrel employees unite around its common purposes and its strategies to ensure that our company continues to grow. Our business executes as a T.E.A.M., as O.N.E. T.E.A.M., to guarantee our success and therefore our shareholders and customers prosperity.
Sorrel employees’ work as O.N.E around the world, between departments and different levels in the organization. Whether it is developing solutions, providing services, hiring new employees, selling or creating strategies, we are interconnected, interdependent and drive each others success. 
One Networked Enterprise
Sorrel Employees’ Actions are Driven By these Core Values:
    • TTransparency: open, honest and constructive in the work we do and the way we work with others
    • TEntrepreneurial Spirit: go beyond the extra mile and do whatever it takes to makes things happen and succeed
    • TAccountability: believe in and stand behind your actions and results; take responsibility for your actions
    • TAccountability: believe in and stand behind your actions and results; take responsibility for your actions
    • TMetrics focused on results: set measurable objectives and set out a plan to achieve these objectivesBack to top
We L.E.A.R.N.`
We work with each other, our customers and our partners to be a learning organization:
    • Listen
    • LEducate
    • LArticulate
    • LResearch
    • LNetwork
O.N.E. L.E.A.R.Ning T.E.A.M.
At Sorrel, you can work with people from a wide range of cultural, educational and geographic backgrounds, people who are able to challenge conventional thought, offer unique perspectives and generate innovative ideas. Sorrel is a dynamic, team-driven place to work, where solving business problems for customers is our top priority.