What we do
We Convert Data to information.
Where in Plant Process Management  information  is everything  now.


  Data as you choose.
  Data availability, Wherever as you need
  Data Format as you like
  Design as you desire

We  collect, process, control, store and deliver data securely.

Perhaps you need electrical and controls engineering design help for a major equipment installation that must be completed in a tightly scheduled down-time period. Or maybe one of your presses loses accuracy when you try and speed up the through-put rate and you need a solution that won’t slow down the process. You might need an automated quality tracking system to provide real time feedback to operators and downstream information for repair operators and quality buy-off. Do you require an application that stops and starts all the process and air supply equipment? Whatever your situation, we make the production process work the way it should, allowing you to manage your plant at maximum profitability.

Automation & Control Engineering

Our people are among the best and brightest when it comes to Controls and Electrical Engineering. With a broad range of experience in several industries, we can apply a wealth of talent and knowledge to help you with applications involving:

PLCs,  PC Based Control, Vision Systems, Weld Controllers, Torque Controllers, Marquee Systems, PID Process Control, Motion Control, HMI, SCADA systems, Switches and Sensors, Ethernet control systems.

At  Sorrel we know that some things are beyond your in-house resources, and there isn’t always an off the shelf solution. If you’ve got a deadline driven, high-risk mission critical project that simply can’t fail, then call us. Our solutions incorporate a number of elements, including: electrical and controls engineering, process optimization, systems integration, automation, testing & measurement, staffing and consulting.

Sorrel technology is flexible to react to your needs- always hands on.

for the type of work that we have, they are the cat's meow.