Who we are
Sorrel provides a wide range automation technology solutions for the manufacturing & process industry. If you’ve got a problem, we’ll fix it. Automation, process quality. We specialize in high risk, mission critical projects. We’re fast, we’re flexible, and we’re the best. Our work speaks for itself.
Sorrel has been providing the Power generation, Process industries and manufacturing  sectors with a range of custom services and  Automation solutions. Being a small company We combine the flexibility, passion and hands-on responsiveness of  the resources, knowledge base, and professionalism of a big company.
With an impressive  client  list, our experience in working with the largest and most recognized names in our field is extensive. We bring a deep knowledge of industrial manufacturing to every situation. We know the manufacturing environment inside and out, enabling us to implement solutions and complete projects where our competitors can’t. 
Our people are the most skilled and capable in the business. They come to us because they thrive on doing what others say is impossible, and the experience they gain with Sorrel can’t be found anywhere else. 
We are where you need us - on site, anytime and anywhere. We are ready to manage any size project, any short or long-term contract, in your place of business. It’s not a question of what works for us; it’s a matter of meeting your needs.
Time-tested methodology of getting it right every time, clear perspective of emerging business needs, delivering pertinent Automation solutions of international standards, a vibrant growth history with the privilege of serving clients ... the vision to look beyond our achievements and emerge as a leading one-stop automation solution company; Sorrel  is all this and much more ...